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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friends at work

I have 2 friends at work whom I have been with since day one of our training. They have also been my teammates on my previous account. Their names are Lovella and Madeline.

Lovella is happily married and is in her 4th month of pregnancy.

Madeline on the other hand is single and just like me, contented of being single as of now. She's so fund of her pets which are a bunch of cats and dogs. I even went with her one day and bought a few cat supplies and dog foods at a mall.I sometimes tease her of ending up as an old maid because tending her pets is always her alibi whenever we ask her out.

Both of them have are different in some ways but I like the way they are. I hope they feel the same towards me. And I hope we will stay friends even if we won't be on the same team at work anymore.

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