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Friday, February 13, 2009

Hoping For My Brothers' Success...

I spoke with my Mom over the phone last weekend. I called to check how she was doing after she learned that my younger brother, Florante, wasn't able to pass the Nursing Licensure Exam. I was expecting a sorrowful mom but to my surprise, she was quite fine when we spoke. We were even laughing because she cracked a lot of jokes while we talked. She even said that my younger brother can still try taking the next board exam and will still be willing to support him financially and of course, emotionally. She also informed me that my older brother, Alexander, is doing a self-review since he's going to take an examination next month which will qualify him to work for a government agency in the future.

I just hope both of my brothers are going to succeed on their endeavors. If not, then they can always do an admin job search over the internet or the newspapers. That then would be their next resort. For now, my mom and I hope and pray for them to achieve their goals!

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