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Friday, February 27, 2009

Kalilangan Festival 2009

Today is the beginning of the week long celebration of Kalilangan Festival in my hometown - General Santos City. If Lainy wouldn't have mentioned it earlier on her Kuerdas blog, I wouldn't have remembered it.

Kalilangan Festival is an annual celebration wherein the Generals (people of General Santos City) commemorates the landing of the City's founder, General Paulino Santos, along with the first settlers from Luzon at the shores of the Sarangani Bay. Today is marked the 70th Foundation Anniversary of the City. Government officials have prepared a lot of fun activities in a week for the Generals!

This is one of the festivals that I miss most about General Santos City. When I was back there in my hometown, this is the time when we, the Kuerdas Band, were busy doing a lot of gigs. There was even a time that Me and my cousin Jayson, (who ignited my passion for music), along with other artists in General Santos City performed the Kalilangan song during the opening of the event! I remember singing it with great pride!

Kuerdas is on a Roll at a street party tonight sponsored by SMB (San Miguel Beer). For sure a lot of people will flock on their concert. Geez! I miss the fun and excitement on stage! Well, I'll just wait for Lainy's posts of photos and videos about the gigs and other activities of this year's Kalilangan Festival!

Way to go Generals!!!



Bill said...

Wow that sounds like fun. I did not know you were a singer. They have a festival like that in Bacolod also. Have a great weekend. :-)

Scotty's Princess said...


Thanks for posting this one! Andaming tao kagabi!!!!! Buti nalang di nagkastampede. Feeling artista na pud si Utog! Sayang walay video uy! Geez!!!

Guess what???? ABC was there!!!! Long story! Hehehehe! WE planned of going to church together come Thursday!

Mizé said...

Hi Allena.
Hope you have a nice time in the Festival. It sounds fun!
Good weekend xx

ROSILIE said...

The oval plaza where they held the culminating events was all packed. Being away from home is sometimes frustrating.

Take care. I missed the band of lainy's too.hehehhe

GAGAY said...

te allena..kalami ba gud ilaag sa gen san uie..heheh!

ally said...


Yup! Used to sing in a band and I miss it so much!!!

Scotty's Princess,

Buti nag-enjoy kau te!!!



Thank you Mize! I hope you had a fabulous weekend as well!!!



I can't find your websiet, Rosilie... Thanks for visiting though! take care!!!



Hay! kakamiss nga eh! sige lang, next kalilangan na lang ko uli,hehehe...