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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Medical Certificate

I had an appointment with my doctor last Tuesday. I was so excited with that appointment since it was my last day of medication for Tuberculosis. I have mentioned about this illness a few times here in my blog but I never really elaborated them. I was quite embarrassed for having that disease but I've already got the hang of it now. I want to share, anyway.

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis with TB Adenitis. It started with a severe neck pain which I thought was a normal stiff neck. When the pain got more excruciating (that was about a month already), I decided to have it checked with a physician. I had a run-around in the hospital at first so basically it took a while before the doctors finally got the right diagnosis. The lymph nodes on my neck have become swollen. And after the x-ray and CT scan results, my doctor confirmed that apart from the TB Adenitis, I also had Pulmonary TB.

My employer allowed me to be on leave for 2 moths. So I went home to recuperate and then after 2 months, went back here in Manila. I have been religiously taking anti-TB medicines in the last six months and last Tuesday was just a confirmation of whether or not I should go on with the treatment.

I was x-rayed and finally the film gave a negative result! I was cleared! Lol! It was a relief knowing that the TB was gone and that I won't have to take medicines anymore! Although it left a few scars on my lungs and neck, I don't mind at all. Being able to survive that dreadful disease is my greatest achievement this year. Thanks to my family, relatives and friends who have been there in that lowest phase of my life. And most of all, thank you, Lord for healing me.

When Doc handed me the medical certificate and said "congratulations!", it felt like a graduation. The medical certificate is like the diploma! Hahaha!

My doctor said that I should be more cautious of my health. I still have to go back to him after 6 months to check on the scars of my lungs. He told me that if I want to get rid of the scar on my neck, I should have it removed through plastic surgery. I just smiled politely and I thought to myself, "Why would I be spending for plastic surgery when I'm not even annoyed with that little scar?" Lol! Yeah, it looked like I was bitten by a vampire! I can actually deal with it. As long as I don't ponytail my hair, no one would ever notice the scar!

I want to share a few facts about Tuberculosis. Please take time to read so you can somehow prevent this disease.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a common and often deadly infectious disease caused by mycobacteria, mainly Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB usually attacks the lungs (pulmonary TB) but can also affect the nervous system, the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, the genitourinary system, the gastrointestinal system, bones, joints, and even the skin.

Classic symptoms are:

* chronic cough with blood-tinged sputum
* fever
* night sweats
* weight loss

Treatment: difficult and requires long course of multiple antibiotics. Contacts are also screened and treated if necessary.

Prevention: screening programs and vaccination - Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG vaccine).

Tuberculosis is spread through the air, when people who have the disease cough, sneeze, or spit. One third of the world's current population has been infected with M. tuberculosis, and new infections occur at a rate of one per second. However, most of these cases will not develop the full-blown disease; asymptomatic, latent infection is most common. About one in ten of these latent infections will eventually progress to active disease, which, if left untreated, kills more than half of its victims.

A rising number of people in the developed world are contracting tuberculosis because their immune systems are compromised by immunosuppressive drugs, substance abuse, or AIDS.

Whenever we feel sick or if we feel that something's wrong in our body, let us be careful and as much as possible, check with our doctor. As the cliche goes: Prevention is better than cure.



SHIELA said...

God is so good!

Take care!

SlogBite said...

Hi Ellana,

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Please let me know if you have any problems.

Mizé said...

Hi Allena.
A bit off topic:
You were tageed with Valentine´s Love. Check:

Happy VD!

Windmill said...


You said:
"I was x-rayed and finally the film gave a positive result!"

Me says:
In medical terms, positive means an affirmative that there is presence of the disease.
Negative would mean the absence of the disease that is being investigated/tested/diagnosed.

;) just to let you know.

Now, please take proper care of your health from now on.

Rita T. said...

Informative post. Praise God you're doing well!

Shawie said...

that's great news:) TB is practically the easiest disease to cure if you take the meds religiously:) my sister had the same problem 8 years ago... she's completely healed now...

ally said...


I stand corrected sir! hehehe... I definitely will take care of myself, Windy...

ally said...

Sheila and Rita T.,

Yes, God is definitely good! Thanks for the concern!