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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not A Fan Of Cold Weather...

I hate cold weather!

I am not ranting about the weather right now here in Manila. Besides, the temperature is quite warm (up to 86 degrees F) that I can even feel the sweat whenever I walk for a few kilometers. I can definitely feel the warmth of the approaching summer season.

I am only saying that I am definitely not a fan of very cold weather. I couldn't bare living in such cold places for a long time. Not even in Baguio City which is the coolest place here in the Philippines. Although I took vacations there every now and then especially during summers but I couldn't imagine myself spending my whole life over there.

I once spent my New Year's eve in Baguio City and stayed at my friend's house for 4 days. It was excruciatingly cold at that time that my head ached most of my stay there. Worst is, the house isn't equipped with shower heater. I had no choice but to endure the cold water for a bath. I actually can't spend a lot of time going around the City of Baguio since most of the time I was found lying on the bed and tried as much as I can to keep myself warm since I also wasn't provided with heated blanket. I just contented myself cuddling through the available warm sheets.

Yet I'd still go back to Baguio for vacations. I would love to visit my friend who lives there and also would love to see the Beauty of the place once again! But then, I'm going to make sure that I won't be taking a cold bath anymore! Lol!

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