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Friday, February 13, 2009

Not quitting!!!

This week at work has been stressful because we have already been taking calls while still on training. I have been to different accounts in my call center life and even though I'm already a tenured call center agent, I still get nervous on my first calls.I am really having a hard time familiarizing the systems that we're using. In addition to that, I still can't memorize all the codes that I'm supposed to memorize!

This account that I am with now is way too different on my previous account. Two of my co-trainees have already resigned and most of us are thinking about quitting, too. Yeah, I was thinking about that lately. I just feel like I'm really not into this new account. But when I watch the news, read the papers and read other people blog about the global crisis, they make me think twice about resigning. With the economy going down these days, I'd rather keep my employment at Convergys. Therefore, I'm giving myself a chance in this account. So help me God!


anne said...

kaya mo yan girl, si cheryl nasa sutherland na din hehehe she was here during my daughters bday

Feron said...

Hi Allena...

With God's help you can make it...

Beth said...

I know you can make. Just ask God for wisdom and guidance.

anyway, I got a tag for you, hopefully you'll be able to post this tag.

Windmill said...

Hi Alley,

You have a Valentine Meme to collect at:

Happy Valentine!