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Saturday, March 7, 2009


After 6 months of taking anti-TB drugs, I definitely need to detoxify not only the toxins from the medicines I took for months. I also need rejuvenation from stress caused by work and the environment. I also have to get rid of the toxins from the unhealthy food I intake in the past.

Colon cleanses for at least twice a year is actually one of the advises my doctor has given me. I haven't gone back to my doctor yet to ask what food supplement he would highly recommend.

I just feel the need of detoxifying lately. As you all can see, I have been feeling anxious and stressed out! I might as well have an appointment with my doctor this week!

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Aiping Wang Fulepp said...

The first thing is to realize that almost all stress is caused not by events in the external world, but by how you react to those events.