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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Heat Is On!

The heat is on this summer!

Honestly, I hate the ongoing hot temperature! When my work ends at 1pm, I'd rather stay a few hours at the office cafeteria so that I won't have to feel the scorching heat on my way home!

With the intense heat this time of the year, how I wish I could have one of those Vegas vacations where I could spend a luxurious summer get-away! Hahaha! Yeah right! I'm daydreaming again! Who wouldn't love to take a splurge into that kind of indulgence? If I only have the money, there's no doubt I would try that luxury!

Seriously, I really would love to spend sometime in a beach this summer! I just can't wait to escape from my stressful job for a day or two or make it three! I can't wait to feel the warm breeze and how I could marvel on the beauty of nature somewhere. Me and Michelle are planning for a trip but we still haven't figured out where and when we will be going. If we come up with a decision, I will keep you guys posted!

For now, please allow me to continue my daydream!

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