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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To Motivate My Brother?

My younger brother, Florante is going to re-take the Nursing Licensure Exam this July. I just hope he passes this time. His family relies on that and my Mom expects him to pass the re-take. I pity him because he puts too much pressure on himself. I can sense that he's a little anxious about the exam and he's now preparing for it by doing self review.

I always advise him is to always pray to God and ask His guidance and that he will be granted with the knowledge that he needed for the exams. I hope he gets a lot of encouragements from my mom and his wife so he gets the motivation that he needs as well.

Speaking of motivation, what about a gift for my dear brother? A Glashutte watch maybe? Hmmm.. That's pretty expensive. He might really like that if I give him one, though. Too bad can't afford that this year yet. I'll just think of something else to get him motivated! Lol!

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