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Monday, March 2, 2009

I Love Fully Booked!!!

Before we watched the movie "The International" last Saturday, Michelle, her friend Sheila and I went to Bonifacio High Street at The Fort to check out some books in Fully Booked. It was my first time there and I was really impressed with the bookstore!

It is a five-story building and is equipped with almost everything you need! From books, to music, to films and Starbucks! The lounges are so cozy and stylish where you can just quietly relax and read. They also have a musical playground with Audiophiles where you can play some songs.

I love Fully Booked and will definitely go back to that haven!!!


Bill said...

it sounds like a book readers dream there. Did you like the movie international?

ally said...

hi Bill! yeah, i liked the movie but not that much... it's not exactly my kind of movie, that's why...:)

kruel74 said...

Wow, that bookstore made me want to comment for the first time in your blog. That is a bookstore I dream of having, if ever I have the money...Nice... (the name is catchy too)

Writer on Board said...

I think I'm in love. Thanks for that, ally. Good morning.

ally said...


Yeah! definitely nice bookstore! I hope for you to make that dream come true! Take care!


Writer on Board,

Good morning! You're in love with what, Writer on Board? Thanks for your visit!!!

oner said...

Passing by and dropping EC

eMz said...

it's my favourite bookstore! XD

Writer on Board said...

Bookstores. Books. Reading. You, Ally, in a bookstore...reading. :0)

ally said...


Thanks a lot!!



Same here Emz!


Writer on Board,

ahahaha! Ok! I got that! The bookstore!