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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lainy's Musing's Blogoversary Bash!!!

My dear cousin Lainy's banner about her 1st year blogoversary contest has been on my header for weeks now. I know it's not only me who's anticipating on this contest! A lot of us here in the blogosphere are really curious about it and have been waiting for March 15 to come!

Although she hasn't given me details about the contest, I know it's going to be something NEW and BIG! To those who didn't know yet, Lainy's contest has a lot of great prizes at stake! As what Windmill have said on his blog about "Stupendous sponsor response to Lainy's Musing's", stupendous is the word that best describes the contest itself. The winners are going to bag a lot of those prizes and this is one blog competition that you shouldn't miss!

To everyone in the blogosphere... The long wait is almost over! A few hours from now, Lainy is going to post the mechanics of her contest! Whatever your contest is about, my dear cousin, you have my full support!

Way to go Lainy! Happy one year blogoversary!!!
Lainy’s Musings


Scotty's Princess said...

Ay hala! Ang sweet naman neto, Bang!

Thanks sa all-out support! Magpinsan nga talaga tau, hehehe!

Miss yah!


Bill said...

Yeah Ally this is going to be a good one. I posted about it on my site and am also a sponser. See ya around.

twinks said...

Ellaine always amazes me with her contest ideas. This is one HUGE always pag c Ellaine.

Goodluck to all contestants. Yey! sponsor ko.

happy monday ally! mwah!