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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sharing A Piece Of Me To The Virtual World

Blogosphere is the world I wouldn't have known if not for my dear cousin Lainy's ceaseless prodding. I never had confidence in my writing ability and I was somehow afraid of criticisms. I was also scared of opening up a piece of myself to a wider audience - the virtual world.

I love writing about my thoughts, my opinions and aspirations. But I just kept them mostly to myself and write about them on my personal journals since grade school. My mom was the only one who was able to read them after I moved here in Luzon since I left most of my stuffs at home. I felt a little uncomfortable when she told me that she read my diaries. I was quite embarassed because my privacy was invaded. And then she commented about my writing skill. She said, "Magaling ka pala magsulat ng english, nak?" (you write fairly well in english). Well, atleast she knew I can write good english! Lol!

In The Eyes Of The Beholder

I went home August of last year to recuperate from being sick with Tuberculosis. I was on my second month of treatment and I spent a lot of time at Lainy's house. When I was there, Lainy kept barging me with encouragement about blogging. At first, I really don't want to blog because I knew for sure that I won't be consistent on my posts and that writing is really not my passion.

But Lainy won't stop from urging me and she would keep on saying that I am a good writer and that I would be able to earn from blogging and blah blah! And I said, "Wait! Did you just say EARN from blogging?". When she said "Yes" and talked about how much she had already compensated out of her blogging, I forgot about my hesitations and excuses! I suddenly thought that blogging could also be my second passion! Of course, music still comes first!

After Lainy signed me up for an account in, I started doing my first entry- My First Blog, on August 21. Actually I was able to write 4 posts that day! I was unstoppable! I discovered that writing was indeed my passion!

I got more exuberant with blogging when Ivy of The Designer Chic came up with a cool layout for my blog. After giving my instructions about tribal designs, Ivy was able to find the scrutinizing beautiful eyes for the header. That's how my blog title - In The Eyes Of The Beholder, came about.

I wrote just about everything! My Supermom, my job as a Call Center Agent, my fun adventures: Samal Island Get-Away, The Zipline Experience, Camiguin Escapade which were indeed unforgettable. I'm really glad I was able to write about them!

That's my mom! It's her first time to watch one of our gigs

I made not only fun entries on this blog. Blogging is also one of my tunnels where I vent my frustrations out! The most memorable rant-post was - I Had A Bad Day because with that, I was able to meet great friends who gave me great advises! The best I got was Windmill's reminder of: The story about the man who complained that he had no shoes until he met a man who had no feet.

Everytime I receive comments, I really feel happy. I said to myself, "Hey! Someone cared about my thoughts!". Online friends basically are one of the reasons that I keep blogging. Their encouragements, advises and following their good examples are my motivations.

I also wrote sentimental entries. One of them is If Only... which is about missing my Dad and asking forgiveness for not being a good daughter when he was alive. Well, there really where things in the past that you couldn't fix. That's why there are regrets. I hope those who read that entry would find time to make amends with their loved ones while they're still alive.

I also got the chance to share to this virtual world my greatest passion which is music with my homegrown band - Kuerdas. I know I have already posted about this video and Lainy too but just for those who haven't seen this, I hope you get entertained!

I'm Walking On Sunshine

When I was already earning quite a bit on my first blog after I signed up for PayU2Blog, as always, Lainy encouraged me to create my second blog. She told me that the more blogs I have, the more earnings I'd get. So I started another blog on November 17 and named it - I'm Walking On Sunshine, since I decided to pour out happy and inspiring thoughts on that blog.

Ivy was still the one responsible for the beautiful design of that blog. So chic and neat!

How Blogging Changed My Life

Blogging has made me appreciate my life even more. Not only does it give me extra income but also I was able to discover a lot of things about myself especially my writing ability. I am glad that I was able to share things about myself with the hopes of touching other people's lives the same way they touch my life.

Although I am full of procrastination, which is a bad habit I try to get rid of, blogging always make me refocus on my goals. With my virtual friends' encouragement and inspiration, I still keep on blogging and I am still enthusiastic about it!

Whom Do I Give Credit For My Blog Experience?
I owe this wonderful blog experience to my dearest cousin, Lainy! You were always there for me, Te. Thank you because you never failed to believe in my talents and abilities. You actually believed in me first before I believed in myself! Lol!

Not only the blog experience that I am thankful for you, Ate. I also thank you for being there as my mentor and my friend. You and your family have always been there for me especially on the times that I had nowhere to go. I was such a rebel before but you guys understood me. Thank you for always rescuing me. Geez! I want to cry! Lol!

I love you te and I hope that God will bless you more! I hope you'd get married soon to your prince - Scotty so that I would get to see my half-Australian nieces or nephews!

Happy 1 year Blogoversary!!!

**********This is an entry for Lainy's contest!!!************

Lainy’s Musings
“Blog to the world; Blog for you and me”

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Scotty's Princess said...

My Cousin Dearie,

Well Done! Thanks for sharing your story to the world and for mentioning me. I feel happy that somehow I was able to influence you in exercising your passion in writing.

I have always believed in you! There was no doubts whatsoever in my mind that you can express yourself really well and that makes me so proud!

Now I have to admit na-touch ako sa post mo, hehe! Buti nalang di ako judge, hahahaha!

You are officially IN for the competition!

Good luck!

WebbieStuffs said...

This is beautifu`! FUll of appreciation and how you look back into things. It is funny that earning is the great influence... usually to most of us. I discovered this only later in my blogging experience but all the same, who can turn down a fat pocket`^^

Great piece!

Details said...

I am curious, at what age did you get thet Tuberculosis? It is a pity to have it and I wonder what did cause it. Do you have any idea? How you happen to cure it?

Lainy is your cousin? Wow! It's great that you got prodded by her. Your writing skill is excellent!

anne said...

wow you really had a great voice girl, hehehe naalala ko kau ni cheryl ang ice breaker namin sa training.. miss those times

""rare*jonRez"" said...

wonderful piece Ally! i admire how you and Lainy your cousin grew to be so close. thanks for sharing your piece! it's great that blogging made you realize you've got that passion in writing as well! it was worth a read! :)

good luck!

mystique said...

nice piece couz! Hope you'll bag the grand prize...I'll surely consider this if I'm one of the judges...but that would be very partial of me hahaha... Good luck!!! ^_^

jena isle said...

Hi Ally,

You've just written the best piece among the entries I've read so far.
It is a well organized, heart-warming and wonderful article. I vote for you to win the grand prize.

Kudos too to Lainy for being an inspiration to you and other bloggers.

May your tribe increase. God bless.

Uncle Che said...

This post is like a time traveling machine. Makes me want to go back to the past and watch the fun, hard and cool times. I will really like to watch you when you were still so ignorant about blogging :D and especially when your influences (like Lainy) were urging you "Ally, you can do it. Go! Go! Go!

I will like to imagine when you sat up to make your first post and how your heart must have pondered against your chest as you move your mouse pointer towards the publish button. Oh, so much to tease you about.

The most important thing is that you are making it and at the "end" (though there really isn't an end) you will make it big time.

Congrats, Sis

GAGAY said...

great entry te ally!! best of luck!!!

ally said...


Thanks te! hahaha! hay naku, I'm still not that convinced sa entry ko.. it's not that good but I just want to tell the world that I am grateful to have a cousin like you!!! hehehe... tnx a lot te!!!!



Ey! Thanks a lot! You're right! Who wouldn't love it when you can earn from it, right? So let's keep blogging! Lol!



Thanks for the compliment! I just got the TB last year. I'm just 25. When you overwork yourself and not take care of your health, there's no doubt you'll get sick. So take care of your body as much as you can! Prevention is always better than cure! Take vitamins, sleep right and eat healthy food!



Thanks my friend! hehehe... miss ko din yun! ingat!



Ei! Thank you girl! Yours is also a great piece! I like it! Super organized! Goodluck din sayo!



Toinkz! Atika ko te! hahaha! apil unta ka para makadaog ka ba!!! hehehe...


jena isle,

Wow Jena! you make me blush! hahaha! I still don't think though that my entry is that good... Geez! Why don't I just believe what you guys are telling me??? Lol! Thanks though! take care!


Uncle Che,

"I will like to imagine when you sat up to make your first post and how your heart must have pondered against your chest as you move your mouse pointer towards the publish button. Oh, so much to tease you about."

hahaha! that statement is so true uncle che! You just can't imagine how many times I edited that first post! and basically it's only just a paragraph!!!

Thanks a lot Uncle Che!!!


Thanks Gay! Good luck din sayo!!! tc!

Star-chuu said...

Hi Ally, no big deal, your truly a good writer, I am lucky that once in my life, I met a famous writer. Goodluck Ally, and more power.

Bill said...

This is a wonderful article Alley and i think you are a great writer. That is why i keep coming back here. I can see that you have a passion in your work here and all i can say is keep it up my friend. We all support you.

ally said...


hahaha! I don't consider myself a famous writer though, te! but thanks for thinking that I am! Lol! congrats sa entry mo ate Star!!! tc!



Hi Bill! Thanks! Wow! Thanks for the support! take care!

zorlone said...

Hello Ally,
Looking up to our mentors is a true Filipino trait. After all, without them and their constant encouragements we wont be able to do what we do best. he he he!

I hope you are already treated from your tuberculosis. It is easy to cure nowadays. You just have to be religious in taking the medications and follow up with your doctor. I saw a familiar face, gagay, from what i recall she is a med student. You could go to her for follow ups. LOL. Sorry, I'm in Manila, it would be difficult to treat you from here.

Keep writing and good luck to all of us.


ally said...


I'm already cured! I took my medications religiously for 6 months and successfully finished it on February. My Doctor here in MAkati did a great job in helping me get cured! Thanks for the advise Doc Zorlone!

Mizé said...

Hi Allena. I´m back!
Been without Internet since 17th but now I have a new connection.
Passing by to return drops and wish you a good week!

ally said...

Hi Mize! Welcome back! Congratulations to your Internet! Take care!

Arlene said...

Hi, i like your story - i voted for you. :)

I am not sure if i have already met you in Gen San during the MBS2..were you there?

ally said...


Hi! Thanks! I wasn't there at MBS2. Nasa manila na po kasi ako nung nauso ang blogging...

Lainy said...

Bang, wala ka pa sa Manila,. matagal ng nauso ang blogging, kaso nasa Manila ka na nong na-introduce sayo, hehe!

Mira said...

Congrats for winning 4th prize at Lainy's contest, Just displayed your ad at my blog A Moment to Exhale.