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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waiting in Vain for ISP Connection...

I haven't kept my blogs up to date lately because up until now Michelle and I haven't decided on what Internet Service Provider we should sign up for after we canceled our former ISP. Honestly, I'm just waiting for Michelle's decision. I really would want us to have an ISP connected in our apartment so I can update my blogs anytime I want.

Without Internet at home, I don't have a choice but spend more money on internet cafes. Phew! Aside from that, I have to endure the noise all around the internet cafe since a lot of teenagers play online games.

It wouldn't have been a problem if I still could access my blogs at work. Apparently, our company ITs setup a firewall on all the computers and it blocked my access to my blogs! I wonder if they're also equipped with KVM switches because there are times that I can access my website and then all of a sudden, I'd notice the block. Well, there's no doubt they have that too!

I think I have no choice but to wait. I hope I can buy my own portable computer this year so that I can just go ahead and decide about the ISP on my own.

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