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Friday, March 6, 2009

Working With Raffy...

A week after I resigned in my previous call center company in Pampanga in January of last year, it only took me 1 week to get employed in the call center company here in Manila. I then started my training as a technical support representative and met a lot of friends during the training. One of my friends during that time was Raffy. A lot of us are convinced that he's gay but no one had the nerve to ask him about it because during the first week, when we introduced ourselves to the class, he already made it clear that he's not gay. Yet most of us doubt that, including me.

You might be wondering why we think that way about him. Well, aside from the graceful way he walked and talked (which is like that of the gay people), he seemed so neat and so vain on his physical appearance.

I didn't bother to ask him anymore about it because Raffy has been a good friend to me. It really doesn't matter to me anymore because I respect Raffy's decision of what he wants us to perceive about his identity. Besides, overall, Raffy has done nothing wrong towards us.

Raffy has given me the chance to sing on his uncle's birthday bash. It really meant so much to me because it has been a while since I had the opportunity to perform for a crowd. He also made our class experience a free stay at hotel. That hotel was actually one of the finest here in Manila and he basically reserved an exquisite suite for all of us! We spent the night enjoying ourselves with great foods and drinks and did a lot of chitchats to get to know each other! It was definitely a nice experience.

Raffy already left the company a few months back. He left to work at a hotel in Dubai. I wonder how he has been doing there. I actually received an email from him one time telling me about a job opening in their company. I haven't responded to his email yet because I really wasn't interested on working abroad.

Hmmm... Let me send him an email then to ask how he has been!

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