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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Architect...

My half brother Charlie, is an Architect. Well, I got that information from my Dad. Me and Charlie didn't have the chance to talk so I didn't get the information about his profession first hand.

I am still hoping for the day that I can really spend sometime with my half siblings. I want to know how their life was when growing up without our Dad's presence as well. I bet most of you already knew about my Dad being a philander. I have nothing against what my he has done since I am the product of his extramarital affair with my mom.

All I really wanted was to get to know my half siblings. I heard that Charlie has gone to Saudi Arabia to work as an architect there. Was he one of those who help plan for the construction? Or was he the one who's in charge of the industrial products? Lol! Just curious about how he lived his life, you know?

After my father's death, Charlie never came to visit us anymore. I wonder how he is now.

It's pretty obvious that I long for my half siblings' attention! I admit I do. I really hope they would at least heed my longing to bond with them.

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