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Friday, April 3, 2009

A Birthday Wish Tag

I'm turning another year old sometime this April. Phew! I'm turning 26 and yet I'm still single. I had an exchange of text messages to some college friends yesterday and I found out that all of them got married and already have kids of their own. I'm the only one left single to my surprise! Geez! That quite scared me! Lol!

Uncle Che and Bill tagged me but it took me so long to have this tag posted on this blog. I apologize for that my friends and I thank you so much for this tag. I actually planned to have this posted on my actual birthday but I changed my mind. I decided to post it today!

The rules:
1. I have to make 10 wishes and
2. pass it on to 10 friends.

Here are my wishes:

1. After battling with Tuberculosis this year, I wish to have a healthier life ahead!
2. I wish that my mom will also become a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo
3. Pursuing my passion - singing.
4. Good health for my mom and brothers.
5. To earn more from blogging and from work as a call center agent.
6. To have my own guitar and laptop.
7. I wish for the global economic crises to end.
8. To have my own business so I can go back to Mindanao with my family.
9. To continue being a good follower of God.
10. I wish that God will give me the right man for me in time.

I'm tagging:

Jena Isle


zorlone said...


I got here as soon as I read your message. Waaahhhh! You gave me an assignment. but don't worry I will do my best to make my list and tag you back! LOL

Is it okay if I take a while to make it?


ally said...


No probz doc! Take your time po!

Bill said...

hi Ally thanks for posting it. From the video i seen of you have a great voice so i know you will go far with that. I agree with you we need to stop all the hatred and come together in the world. Keep serving God and he will bless you with the man of your dream. You are a sweet and beautiful lady you will find your prince. God bless dear friend.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ally,

Thanks for the tag but I stopped doing tags, so I posted a widget on my gewgaw writings side bar stating

Anyway, I can post it at my other blog. Let me see what I can do. Perhaps next week. God bless.

khristine said...

Hi Ally! Just keep on believing and God will give the best for you, it's through your faith that you will receive your "Birthday Wishes" in God's most perfect time. You know what... we have the same passion...singing...and when I met God in a very intimate personal way, He fulfill all my frustrations and convert it into joy, I found that joy in serving in our community by being a music ministry. Just keep on believing! I am also getting married few months from now, and I prayed hard for it to give me the man who will be my lifetime partner in fulfilling my heavenly mission. God bless you!