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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


One of my colleagues always confide to me about his husband's attitude towards her. According to her, the husband kept telling her that she's not pretty and that she's fat. At first, I empathized with her and even get a little furious about how her husband treat her. After more than 2 months of knowing her and hear her rant about her husband most of the time, it gets a little annoying already. There are times that I doubt her stories.

She actually puts the blame of her gaining too much weight to her husband. She said he make her feel depressed that's why she eat a lot. Well for me, she's giving him all the reasons to treat him the way he does. I talked to her and told her to watch what she eat. I even advised her to lose some weight and joked to her about Colonix scam so she will lose 10-20 pounds without too much effort! She just laughed at me and basically never took my advise seriously. Well, it's all up to her anyways. I've done my part as a friend who listens and give advises.

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