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Friday, April 17, 2009

Failon Arrested

ABS-CBN's news anchor and radio commentator Ted Failon was arrested at 12 midnight yesterday for tampering evidence and failure to immediately report to the police about the shooting of his wife, Trinidad Etong.

Failon's wife has already been declared dead last night after being comatose for hours because of the gun shot on her head which was allegedly reported as a cause of Trinidad's suicide.

This tragedy has brought controversy since Failon is one of the most respected public icon here in the Philippines. Failon had ordered his maid and houseboy to clean the bathroom where his wife was found covered in blood. Hence, speculations were aroused. All of the people who were at home at the time were arrested and are being questioned about the tragedy.

Investigations are still ongoing. The inconsistencies of Failon's statements added to the stir of doubts. He remained one of the suspects of the crime along with all the people who were at home during the incident.


Bill said...

that is so sad when somebody that is so popular like that then goes and maybe do something so bad. It makes you wonder what is going on in there head and mind. Take care Ally

Shawie said...

what? wow!!! that's crazy! it's unbelievably sad:( I had not watched TFC for a long time, maybe I should check it out...thanks for the info, Ally...
have a great weekend!