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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going Out On A Date

I'm going out on a date tonight. It's actually a group date! My friends from Pampanga are coming over to see me and they bring along a guy who's pretty persistent on seeing me personally.

Just so you know, I really suck in going out on a date alone with a guy. So it is indeed a good idea that our friends are coming with us!

I can't resist my friends, so wish me luck guys! Lol!


zorlone said...

Good luck!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

awww! that's exciting ally! good luck!!!

mystique said...

So how was he? wehehe...i hope u still had a great time though ;-)

Bill said...

Have a great time my friend you deserve to go out and have fun sometimes. I bet your a great date. Take care my friend

Shawie said...

aha, that's pretty exciting! enjoy the moments, gurl- just be yourself and you'd be fine:))

ally said...

Thank you everyone!!! Err... I had fun with my friends last night! Did not concentrate with the "date"! lol!

eMz said...

so, how did it go? ^_^

Nedekcir said...


BTW, did you sent me the EC credit yet from winning askmsrecipe contest. I saw one from "I'm walking on sunshine" but not from this blog. Please sent to

Thank you,