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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I love rain...

It's pay day and I'm planning to buy my groceries today. I'll be seeing a lot of those bar code scanners today that look like those of Symbol LS2208. And of course, that same queue on the cashier that I'm sure I can handle since today is still my rest day from work.

I actually have a lot to do for myself today. One of those is visiting the salon to get my hair done. It's been damaged for months and I've been ranting about it but keep it as it is. Too stubborn! It's time I have to do something with it because who knows? I might meet the man of my dreams sooner! Lol!

We're still experiencing rainy seasons this past few days when it's supposed to be summer. I don't care though! I love rain rather than feeling the heat of the sun!


Supernova said...

oh payday, i like payday its like we have a lot of money to spend.. hahaha

Angels said...

oh yeah, i've seen some of those machines too, it helps determine the prices of a particular item..