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Friday, April 3, 2009

Movie Review - The Illusionist

I watched the movie The Illusionist the other day. It's a movie set in the 1900's in Vienna where a famous Illusionist, Eisenheim (Edward Thornton), during that era used all his magic powers to win the love of his life, Sophie, the Duchess von Teschen (Jessica Biel).

Eisenheim was a son of a cabinetmaker, a peasant. When he was still a boy, he came across a magician who showed him magic tricks and then suddenly vanished along with the tree right before the boy's eyes. From then on, Eisenheim got obsessed with learning different magic tricks by himself.

He met the beautiful young girl, Sophie and fell in love with her. Because of their social differences, there love was forbidden and eventually they were forced to set-apart.

Eisenheim left the village and traveled the world and eventually went back to Vienna as a great magician and was named The Illusionist. He met Sophie in one of his performances and realized he was still in love with the Duchess. At the time, the Duchess was about to marry the Prince Leopold who was going to be the next emperor and has a history of abusing women.

Eisenheim did mysterious magic tricks just to free Sophie. At first, I thought the story was tragic but it actually ended happily!

The movie is definitely unique and I was really impressed on how it was portrayed! It was worth my while!


Windmill said...


I also can do magic or illusions.

My wife found that out. And nine months later, a Star was born.

ally said...

hahaha! U might have performed an awesome magic trick for her Windy!!!

Windmill said...

Yeah Ally,

And guess who taught me that illusion?

Can you believe this?

The Birds and the Bees!!!

ally said...

hahaha!!! I should get a hold of those Birds and Bees then!