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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time To Vote!!!

Yeepeee! Time to cast your vote now! I did an entry for Lainy's contest: Sharing A Piece Of Me To The Virtual World. If you think I deserve to get some piece of the great prizes at stake, then do vote for me. Lol! And just so you all know, today's my birthday! I'd consider your vote as birthday gift and would be sooo much appreciated! Hahahaha!

The Readers Poll

The Readers Poll


Katherine a.k.a. Katie Corrigan said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you get your birthday wish. I will vote for you. Thank you for following my blog. I invite you to join me at
it's a lovely place to make friends and promote your site. Katherine P.S. I hope you win the prize!

ally said...

hahahah! thank you so much Katie!!! I'll check that site later... thank you for your vote!! take care

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ally,

I'm sad I could not vote twice or I would have voted for you too. I hope you win too. Happy birthday and God bless.

ally said...

Jena Isle,

Thank you! Hahaha! It's okay Jena! Take care!!

Feron said...

I have already casted my vote and I'm hoping that you'll win this contest as a present for your birthday. More Power Allen... God Bless!

ally said...


Thank you so much!!! take care my friend!

zorlone said...

Di ka nagpadala ng buger sa akin... LOL! Belated happy burger, este, birthday!


ally said...


hahahaha! di ko po alam na gusto mo pala ng burger! thanks sa greetings po! ingat!!

twinks said...

Hi Ally,
Belated Happy Birthday pala! still looking great.
Yay! goodluck sa ating lahat sa voting..may the best writer win.. hehehe.. ^_^ Enjoy your Saturday!

ally said...

Thanks twinks!!! Enjoy your saturday din po!

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ROSILIE said...

Hello ally!

My birthday wishes to you! I only wish I can vote for your entry and the others. Hahahhaha!

May all your prayers be heard. Tc!

Mizé said...

Just voted for you. Good Luck!
A good Easter Sunday xx