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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unhealthy Lifestyle

I used to prepare packed lunch before going to work. I haven't done it for weeks now. Well, I'm back to being me - stubborn! Lol! I even go to work with an empty stomach. I just content myself with more than 2 cups of coffee before my scheduled lunch. I know, it's not healthy and I actually lose some weight, which is what I really wanted! So basically, when it's time for me to take my lunch, I am by the time starved. I just hope I won't end up having ulcer with this lifestyle! So help me God! My colleagues even asked if I'm taking an appetite suppressant since I don't eat that much when I go with them after work. I just tell them that I really don't have the appetite to eat.

I actually would love to bring sandwich on my work station but then food is not allowed in the operations. We will get reprimanded and worst, will get suspended if we were caught eating while at work. So the only solution to this is to eat breakfast before going to work, right? I just wish I won't be too lazy to wake up early!

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