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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Angels And Demons - Movie Review

The movie Angels and Demons is presented as a sequel of the movie The Da Vinci Code. Just like it's predecessor, the movie hit the no. 1 in the box office and gained as much controversy.

Both movies are based on Dan Brown's best selling books. Just like the books, the films are much talked about since it involves the Vatican and outraged the hierarchies of the Catholic church. Director Ron Howard and casts of the movies were even called anti-Catholics.

Angels and Demons is starred by Tom Hanks as the symbologist Robert Langdon. When a physicist Leonardo Vetra was murdered followed by the death of the Pope, the Vatican seek help from Langdon which lead them to discover the secret society- The Illuminati. Upon tracking down the secret brotherhood, Langdon and Vetra's daughter, Vittoria discovered that there was also a conspiracy on the Pope's death and they only have little time to save the four cardinals who are candidates for papacy being kidnapped by the notorious Illuminati. There's not enough time to save Vatican from destruction, too.

I enjoyed watching the movie. It was indeed my money's worth! To those who are intrigued and haven't watched the movie yet, here's the trailer:


Bill said...

I agree this was a very good movie. I enjoy it very much. It kept me thinking all the way through.

Anonymous said...

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Windmill said...

You know something Ally?

If you look at Tom Hanks frown marks (between his eyes), I have the same frown marks but I can't act as well as Tom does.


pcmemoirs said...

I liked the movie too. It was maybe even better than Da Vinci's Code. Keeps you entertained until the end.

TH said...

you won 500 ec from me in lainy contest pls... msg me so I can send you. ec :)

HasH said...

Hmm yeah good movie. i watched it after reading your reveiw

A Mom's Choice said...

Nice review, Tom Hanks has always been a great actor.

Mizé said...

Hi Ally,
Thanks for visiting me!
I just read that Lainy is sick. If you visit her in the hospital, please send her a kiss and "get well" wishes from me, Ok?
My job is tiring but it´s not that bad. I really needed to work and with this job I feel useful to my community.
A good week ahead!

~Billie~ said...

This movie hasn't made it to our local theater yet, but I am looking forward to seeing it! Good to hear it's worth the money.

jaydolphin said...

I agree angels and demons is probebly the best movie ive seen in long time i liked it better then de vinci code more action in the angels in demons Tom Hanks is probebly the best actor in a long time