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Monday, May 4, 2009

Facial Session...

I just had my facial session done today. Sometimes it make me think twice about having it done because I hate how it feels every time a blackhead remover prick my face. It really hurts! But as the cliche goes - no pain, no gain! So do I have a choice? I need to at least look presentable. So I have to endure the pain of the pricks so I could be prettier, right? Lol!

Here are some benefits of getting a facial:
  • It helps release stress since the facial massages helps the blood circulate properly. It also help relax the muscles on the face.
  • Facial can help reduce skin acne and other skin issues. Deep cleansing during facial make the skin more radiant and clean since it involves removal of dirt and blackheads.
  • It helps fight skin aging, reduce wrinkles and minimize blemishes.


Kloggers/Polly said...

Allena you have me puzzled ... I have never heard of pricking out blackheads. In England the young are encouraged to steam their faces to open their pores and then to thoroughly cleanse. We are advised not to touch blackheads in case we cause blocked pores and sebacious cysts. I assume that there is no risk of this happening in the facials that you describe. Perhaps if you get the opportunity you could explain just what the procedure is that is used during the facial. I would be most interested to read about it.

Bill said...

I like the saying you have here Ally "No pain no gain" LOL. Great one. But i dont you have much to worry you have a beautiful face. Chow my friend.

ally said...

Kloggers/Polly ,

Hi Polly, most etheticians do pricks of blackheads here as part of the cleansing after the face is steamed to open the pores... that's how it is mostly done here in the Philippines...