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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Fan of Nora Jones

I have been a fan of Nora Jones ever since I heard her song "Don't Know Why" which was included on her debut album "Come Away With Me". It won Album of The Year at the Grammys in 2003. Her music was embraced by a lot of people because the combination of mellow, acoustic with soul and jazz in her songs are really relaxing to listen to! I was even more amazed when I learned that she play piano on most of her concerts. I just love the unplugged versions of her songs! It make me think about relearning my piano skills.

During my freshman and sophomore years in high school, I actually had piano lessons in the Adventist school where my mom enrolled me at. I just love that experience! Even though I was alone in the big auditorium in the school the whole day, I wasn't scared at all. I loved it when I was able to memorize the piano pieces that I picked for the recitals in that school. The first time I joined the piano recital (my Dad was there by the way)I won the first prize! I was so glad I made my father proud of me that day!

Playing the piano is actually one of my best experiences in music. I was just not able to further hone that craft since I never owned that wonderful piece of music instrument - the piano. My Dad actually said that he'd buy me one but it never happened. I promised myself though that when I get rich, I'd buy one for myself! Lol! Who knows? I can also be a piano teacher!

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J. Leigh Designz said...

I {adore} Nora Jones! Her CD's are the only ones I can listen to from start to finish and never dislike a song in between!