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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting to know.......

A few months ago, Me and Michelle went to my Dad's hometown in Bulacan. We went there to attend a death anniversary of one of their colleague's relative. We basically went there to eat prawns and crabs since Bulacan is known for having a lot of seafoods.

Anyways, me and my Dad never talked when he was still alive and I never had a chance to ask him about his family nor his ancestry. I just got some vivid information from my mom about him growing up as an orphan and that he struggled a lot while he was growing up. My mom said he is an only child and that he was raised by his relatives. Too bad I never had a chance to ask him about his life when he was still alive.

Sometimes I think about doing ancestry dna or some sort of tracking his life down in Bulacan so I would be able to know my dad and my relatives on his side too. It would take sometime though. I know it's too late but atleast I'd get to meet some relatives and eventually get to know my dad some more.

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