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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Missing My Mom

I called my mom yesterday since I haven't heard from her lately. She told me she is now limping because of her knees. And that she has to go to the doctor. I felt bad about it. Thinking about her in that helpless situation make me feel guilty for not being there. Although my eldest brother, Alex is with her, it's still different if I was the one taking care of her.
During the phone call, she kept telling me not to worry that much because she's just fine. And yes she sounded alright. Yet that still make me uneasy thinking about my supposed obligation as a daughter.
We talked about other things. About her getting old and her bestfriend who is suffering from some sort of cancer (I hope not mesothelioma since she has been working in a factory most of her life and might have inhaled a lot of asbestos). Mom said she's still lucky because she doesn't suffer like her bestfriend. Just a little uncomfortable when she walks. And then she laughs. And then the phone got cut off.
I miss my mom. I hope I can go home sometime soon so I can get to see her.


Supernova said...

I am sorry to hear that, after reading your post, i missed my mother too.. didn't talk to her for quite sometimes....

ANGELS in my Life said...

one of the disadvantage of living far is that you won't see or hear from your mom as often as before... but there are certain ways to get a hold of them too....