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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Noisy Kids in the Building.....

I live in a building here in Makati right now where people with kids also reside. I seldom sleep peacefully especially when I do graveyard shifts. Kids run along the hallway and make a lot of noises. They will only keep quiet if me and Michelle get up from our beds and reprimand them. Phew! Why do their parents let them play in the hallway anyways?

I actually pity these kids. I was once a kid and I understand how good it feels being able to play. However, the building that we live in is not conducive for families who have kids. Children need playgrounds or a house where they can freely run and play at.

I remember when I was a kid, me and my best friend Anne and her little sister Jacquelyn used to play house in their place. After their dad setup the gazebo kits which is placed in their yard, it became our hiding place. We played with their dolls and pretend they are our babies. We pretended to cook in a plastic cooking pans and eat in plastic little plates and other little kitchen utensils. It was really fun!

Back to the kids here. I just hope their parents would be able to provide them a house where they can be free.

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