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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wishing for Weekend Rest Days

How I wish my rest days are set on Saturdays and Sundays! I am really hoping that our schedule will change next month but unfortunately, the management had it moved on August! I don't have any choice but to wait.

I do a regular 8-hour shift at work everyday for 5 days. But I'm thinking about having it changed to 10-hour shift but I will only get to report to work for 4 days in a week! I think that schedule is better for me because I can get to choose my rest days. I really want a Sunday off since I got a lot of things to do during that day. I have church to attend to and now that I accepted a duty at the treasury, I have to stay longer as needed. With the work schedule I have right now, I am really deprived of sleep on the weekends. I can't even attend to my blogs! My current work schedule really suck! Phew!

Just this Saturday night, I went out with Michelle and her boyfriend Jon to see the movie Angels and Demons. The movie started late and I still have work the following day. I just hate it when my sleep got deprived! I was pretty messed up at work trying so hard to fight my drowsiness! Lol!

Well enough about my whining! I'm hoping I'll get better work schedule come August! For now, I hope you guys who frequently visit this blog and seem to tolerate my rubbish posts would understand why I can't update this blog more often. I guess this is my best excuse! Lol!

Let's enjoy the rest of the week!!!

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