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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Weather and The Flu...

It has been raining heavy lately and most of the time I come home from work dripping wet! The rain is like teasing everybody because at first you'd thought that it has stopped and then it pours hard every now and then. You really should be prepared with an umbrella everytime you go out of the house!

Just recently, all of us employees at work were given free shots of flu vaccine since the Influenza A (H1n1) has been confirmed as evident in the Philippines since last month. I'm glad that our company has taken this step and that it saved us from spending money for the vaccine. I still get paranoid though if one of my colleagues at work keeps sneezing or has a flu. As what I've heard in the news, the famous influenza has a possibility to cause an outbreak and might be harder to cure.

The bad weather here in the Philippines lately adds up to the possibility of one getting the flu.

Here are some preventive steps to fight the flu:

1. Get a flu vaccine.

2. As much as possible, take the necessary vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

3. Wash hands often with soap and water or bring along with you alcohol and hand sanitizers.

4. Avoid close contact with sick people. Don't go to crowded places as much as possible.

5. More importantly, drink plenty of water.

Prevention is still better than cure! God bless everyone!!!


Lola said...

We have been having uncharacteristically good weather here, after lots of rain. Hope I'm not jinxing it. Hope you feel better.

moongoddesslae said...

waaaaa!! I have colds... not with the fever!

I need a vaccine!! *wink

djtammy said...

Cge lang gihapon ulan dra? Baha lagi sa makati....

what company are u in pla? naga hiring mo?hehehehe

ally said...


Good for you! The rain has finally ceased here! Thank God! hehehehe... Thanks for commenting! God bless!!!



Yes! you should get one! i hope you feel better now! tc!!



hi tammy! yes! hiring naman lagi eh! hehehhe... im working for CONVERGYS. are you in makati right now??? tc!!!

Bill said...

I hope you dont catch the flu my friend. make sure you take good care of yourself. See ya my friend.

Shu Fen said...

My mum just got flu and I'm really worried about her :(

Vicissitudes of Life

Bottom Lines said...

My 3 children got flu. I did too. Now, we're OK after taking some antibiotics. Are we spared from swine flu now? Just asking, hehehe...

Kirhat said...

Even if you had your shots of flu vaccine, it does not guarantee that you will not catch the A(H1N1). The flu vaccine available in the market right now is for your ordinary flu only. The A(H1N1) is a different strain of virus.

Seek No More

ally said...


Thanks Bill! Take care of yourself too!!!


Shu Fen,

Ohhh... I hope your mom is getting better now... take care!!!


Bottom Lines,

Hi Sir! hahahahah! I think so. Yes! As if I have a medical degree, noh? Take care po!



Thanks for the info! take care!!!