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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Constipation Attack!!!

Someone close to me once told me about her terrible, yet for me, very funny experience about her constipation. I don't want to say who she is to not further embarrass her. Lol!

She was on her way home from work with a colleague. It was around 8 in the morning just after they got out of the train, they decided to wait for the mall nearby to open and buy something. After a few minutes, the mall still hasn't opened when all of a sudden, her tummy churned and she was so sure that it's one of her constipation attacks! She was already perspiring and she knew she can't hold it anymore. Thank God there was a rest room near the guard house. She didn't care how she looked since it's pretty obvious why they were hurriedly looking for that rest room.

How this person described to me what happened made me laugh so hard! I am already aware how her constipation attacks make her uncomfortable. She told me it was the worst! I suggested that she read colon cleanser reviews so that she won't experience the same embarrassment again. Even if I was saying that, I was still laughing out loud!

1 comment:

czari said...

...whoever she is na picture out ko na itsura nia and how u laughed at her gat...hahahaha....gigitik ko dri...anyways,pano kaya if sau nangyari yn?suki mo p nmn restroom u gat