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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eye Problem Rant........

My eyes have been hurting a lot lately and I have been having headache almost everyday. My job as a call center agent doesn't only have to do with answering calls for our clients, but we also spend the whole day at work in front of the computer. Apart from that, dropping ECs for my two blogs, I believe, contribute to this eye problem. To sum it up, being in front of the PC make my eye condition worse.

I used to see people's faces clearly even if they are a few meters away from me. But now, my vision is so blurry, I even mistake a stranger to someone I know! Duh! I think I have no choice but to go to an ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked! I hate to even think about wearing eye glasses soon, but I really don't have a choice, do I? As to what I have seen from friends and cousins (Michelle and Lainy whom I teased as partially blind), wearing glasses is really a hassle.

Well, enough about my ranting. I'd still end up wearing those glasses anyways. Lol!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Yaman Gensan 2009

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