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Monday, June 1, 2009

Figure Dilemma

Michelle, Lowela and I have been ranting about our bulging bellies! Lol! Personally, I have been planning to exercise or jog on my rest days. Evidently, the plan hasn't taken place up to now. I still have flabs on my tummy which annoys me sometimes. My belly isn't really that bulging but it's still annoying. I can't wear my fitted shirts and blouses because people might get disturbed with my figure!

I get lazy to wake up early during my rest days. Partly because I don't have a company whenever I plan to jog. Too bad my best friend lives faraway from our place. It would have been nice if I get to jog with Czarina.

Buying a treadmill crosses my mind sometimes. However, there will be not enough space for it to fit in our apartment. I am not even ready to spend money for me to enroll in a gym. Phew! What a dilemma!

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