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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday What It's All About

(you gotta know) #1:
Happy First Blogoversary

(belated rather!!!)

I was browsing my archives and checked out my old posts when I realized that my first post for this blog was dated August 21 of last year. Shame on me! How dare me forget my blog's First Anniversary??? Tsk! Tsk! Okay, I'll stop humiliating myself! Lol! It's better late than never greeting my blog a
I can't believe I've gotten this far! With this blog, I have learned a lot of things through different blogs that I come across with. I accumulated extra income through paid posts. Thank God I learned to blog!

I was able to express myself in blogging and met great friends. Thanks to you guys who don't get bored with my posts even if I talk so much nonsense! Thanks for your acceptance.

I wouldn't have learned blogging if not for my cousin Lainy who have always been there in this blogging career. Thank you so much dear cousin! I owe you big time!

There were times that I thought about giving up this blog. Thank God there was Windy who, aside from Lainy, encouraged me to move on with this passion. Thank you for believing in me. I will always be your fan, Windy! Thank you for the inspiring advises and for the friendship!

I wish to continue honing this passion. I know I have a lot to learn to succeed in blogging. I wish I'd still be here until next year and the years to come!

I hope you guys won't get tired of me and my blog! Take care y'all!!!

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Lola said...


ally said...

Thank you Lola!!!

Scotty's Princess said...

Thanks for the mention, Cousin Dearie!

Whew! I can't believe it's been a year since I constantly egged and prodded you on to make that first ever post, Bang! I am glad you've reached this far! I do hope you'll stay and keep that passion burning!

Happy blogoversary!

Blog Queen said...

Congrats on such an awesome milestone. Your blog looks great!!

bingkee said...

Happy blogversary....and congratulations.

Bill said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Ally. May your site have many many more to come.

Windy said...


Thanks for remembering this old man on your First Blogoversary. hahaha

Consider: If you stopped blogging who are you going to talk to? LOL!

Thanks for joining Wednesday's What.

God Bless you!

Cacai M. said...

hi Allen, belated Happy Blogverysary! congrats and welcome back!

honey said...

Congrats ally.. Wow! Ang bilis ng panahon...

ally said...

Scotty's Princess,

Yep! Thanks sa pagiging persistent mo, hehehe....


Blog Queen, Bingkee, Bill, Cacai,

Thanks a lot!



It's my pleasure Windy! Take care of your health. God bless you too!



Thanks gurl! Yep! bilis nga ng panahon, hehehe... tc!

Rebecca said...


""rare*jonRez"" said...

bilis ng panahon ano? well, congratulations for the one year of successful blogging Ally!

ally said...

Rebecca and ""rare*jonRez"",

Thank you!!! take care!!!

Mizé said...

Congrats Ally!
The first blogversary is a mark to remember. Hope you make many.
Cheers! Mizé.