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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Imelda and her shoes...

Imelda Marcos has 2,700 pair of shoes! Can you believe that? She has acquired all those shoes and might have just worn some of them once or twice. Too bad, all of these womens shoes were left behind in the Malacanang Palace. I wonder how much money from the taxpayers were spent for these grandiose fetish the former first lady had. I also wonder how Imelda felt when she looks at those shoes which are products of her corruption? Nah! Enough about Imelda and her shoes!

So why do I all of a sudden talk about Imelda's shoes? Lol! Well, I'm planning to buy a pair or two for my self. I just hope my incentives at work will be included in my payout so I could buy the shoes I so wanted.

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