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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Looking Foward to Good Weather

The rain has stopped pouring today. I was so pleased when I went out of the office after work. Finally the sun has shone in Metro Manila so I was ready to open up my umbrella just so I won't feel the sun's heat on my skin. When I opened it up, I wasn't prepared about what happened next. My umbrella flipped backwards because of a sudden blow of very strong wind! My hair was all over my face and I felt like the wind is also pushing me further. Phew! Quite an embarrassing situation! I'm thankful I don't wear skirts for work or else I'd be trapped in a more embarrassing moment! Lol!

Anyways, another typhoon called "Kiko" hit our country. The Northern part of Luzon still experience rains accompanied with gusty winds. Because of the rainy days, some parts of the Philippines experience flooding and landslides which caused death to some countrymen.

I hope "Kiko" leaves Philippines the soonest. It has caused a lot of damages already.

I am looking forward to good weather soon!


NovaS said...

you see its way too different here, if you put out your umbrella in a sunny day.. people here will look at you...

Stacie said...

I saw the typhoon on the weather channel. Rather scary. I hope you are well since i haven't see you post since yesterday. LOL I had to chuckle about the umbrella.

Dorothy L said...

You are certainly in my thoughts and Prayers. I have the Hurricanes to deal with here in Florida and these storms are very scary.
Take Care of yourself!