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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not anymore, boss!

Me and my colleagues had a meeting with the upper management at work today. That meeting made my day a bit stressful because it has to do with my supervisor. She made one of our colleagues cry earlier and she left the latter with no choice but to have the issue raised to the upper management.

The team have issues with her attitude even before. And it's about time that she has to stop all the wrongdoings! We're done with her already and the good thing was, the issue about her misdemeanor was addressed and that we won't be under her supervision anymore. Thank goodness!

She won't get fired but at least she will not handle our team anymore. It's not our intention to get her fired anyway. We just wanted to do our jobs in a good working atmosphere. I just hope she changes for the better though. And I hope the one who will take her place is far better than her.

No more humiliation, boss! Not anymore!

Good luck to our team!


SwissJ said...

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Bill said...

Good for you Allena nobody needs to have to go through that type of a work atmosphere. You and your team did the right thing bravo for you.