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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not enough money for a pet...

One of the tenants here in the apartment has a pet pug which is a small breed of dog with a wrinkly small face. Each time the woman comes out of the room, her pug walks with her in the stairway. His tongue is out and he's wagging his tail as he run down the stairs. He's so cute his master let's him wear an outfit. And I can't help but envy the lady who owns the dog. Sometimes I see the lady carry a bag of pet supplements when she gets home. I am aware that owning a pet gets expensive sometimes.

I can't afford to get myself a dog because I know for a fact that I can't take good care of it. Besides our place is not conducive for pets since we don't have enough space in the room where it can play. And I don't have that much to spend for a dog. Not enough money yet.

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