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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Recognition Event

I performed at our 2nd Quarter Recognition Event at work last night. Guess what? The event was done in the call floor where most agents are busy taking calls. I bet most customers got somehow annoyed of the fuss going on in the background since we can't control our enthusiasm for the agents who get recognized and even got more excited of the performances.

It was my off last night so I wasn't one of those agents who had difficulty. I think most of them could not focus on their calls because of the ongoing event happening on the floor. I got to enjoy the performances especially the dance number prepared by the gay supervisors on the floor. They danced to the tune of "Nobody" by the famous Korean group The Wonder Girls. It was really fun and we couldn't contain our giggles and laughter.

Anyways, when it was my turn to perform, I realized that I forgot to replace my guitar's battery for the pick up. It didn't work when I plugged it in the speakers. I ended up using the other performer's guitar! Lol! I think I still did well since I got applauded after the first song I sang which was "The First Cut Is The Deepest" by Sheryl Crow. After the song, I was asked to sing one more song, so I played "Sway" by Bic Runga. There was an acoustic band who also played and I got the chance to jam with them.

Agents who did well at work for the past 3 months got recognized. I was just sitting there on a corner during the awarding when all of a sudden I heard my name announced not as the outstanding agent but as one of those agents who had perfect attendance for the quarter. Lol! What an achievement Ally! Way to go!!! I got myself a piece of paper, a certificate. It would've have been better if there's an incentive attached to it, hehehe. Well, at least I got recognized for my diligence!
Congratulations to all the awardees!!!

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