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Friday, August 21, 2009

Remebering Ninoy Aquino

Candle of My Life
by the late Sen. Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino

I am burning the candle of my life
in the dark no one to benefit
from its light

The candle slowly melts away
soon it's wick will be burned out,
and the light is gone!

If someone will only gather
the melted wax, reshape it
give it a new wick
for another fleeting moment
my candle can once again
light the dark
be of service one more time
and then


This is the poem written by Sen. Ninoy Aquino in his cell eight years before his untimely death. It showcased his love for his country, his unprecedented patriotism.
Today is his 26th death anniversary. His assassination in the International Airport ignited the nation to be as one and fight for democracy from the Marcos tyranny.

Former President Cory Aquino's funeral earlier this month led us Filipinos to remember Ninoy's heroism.

Ninoy Aquino was a true hero and never should he be forgotten.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

I agree Ally. Ninoy is a true hero and I could still remember how my (late) father used to tell me a lot about him. Now I learned that Ninoy has a lot of great writings, reason why my Paps liked him then.

ally said...


Hi sis! Yep! His poems reflect his patriotism. I also love the poem he wrote for his wife. Very touching!!! take care!!!