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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Saved-The Best For Last #1

The Zip Line Experience!!!

My life seems to get boring lately. All I did this past few months is work and sleep and do movie marathons. It seemed like I've been trapped in this polluted city.

I miss breathing the fresh, clean air in the province. I miss doing outdoor adventures with friends back home.

It was a year ago when I went home to recuperate from tuberculosis. A week after feeling sick and bed ridden at home, me and my friend Nimfa along with her sister and friends decided to do an outdoor adventure in Camp Sabros which is located in Kapatagan - the Summer Capital of Digos City. It is where the longest Zip line in the country was built.

It was a nerve racking experience! Imagine? I was able to zip my way from one mountain to another! The Zip line was 380 meters long. And while you're zipping your way to the other mountain, it felt like flying and you're actually 180 ft high across the forest right below.

I paired with my cousin Jayson when I decided to zip! And to show you guys how it was, here's the video of our zip line experience!

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Windy said...

OMG! I think I would pee in my pants if I take that zip ride. hahaha

Don't even wish to think what if the line snapped.

Sure looks exciting.

Thanks for zipping with us on Saturday Saved.

God Bless you!

ally said...

You're welcome windy!!! It's my pleasure to join SS... til my next post! heheheheh.... take care!

Scotty's Princess said...

Inggit talaga ako sa inyo Bang, bah! Punta tayo jan pag nagbakasyon ka uli...

ally said...

sureness te!!! heheheh... next year na yun eh! next year pa man ako uwi! hahahaha!!!