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Monday, August 17, 2009

Starting Anew At Work...

Each of us in the team at work had a meeting with our new supervisor, Kitty, today. Expectations were set for the team and it looked like Kitty was completely aware of what happened between the team and our previous supervisor.

Kitty just got promoted for the position. We are not expecting too much from her and since all of us are starting anew once again, I hope my colleagues won't make comparisons between the old and the new supervisors.

Anyway, Julie and I were supposed to get ourselves enrolled in a gym near the office. As employees of the company, we were given the privilege of getting 50% off from the enrollment and monthly payment just to get physically fit. I was looking forward to it very much when all of a sudden my good friend changed her mind. Phew! Maybe I should take diet pills instead since I can't workout without a friend with me. Duh! Another one of my lamest excuses! Lol!

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