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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Suspicious Tenants

I bet all of you know that me and my cousin Michelle live in the same apartment here in Makati. Michelle has been living here for more than 2 years now and I, over a year. Just 2 weeks ago we went to the Barangay Hall to file a complain about our water bill. We have been paying a big sum of money each month for our water consumption which we believe is a hoax. The woman accountant in the building doesn't even provide transparency as to how she come up with the bill. We have been complaining to her about it yet she still hasn't done anything to fix the ongoing problem.

So off we went and spoke to one of the officers in the barangay hall. We found out that we were not only the tenants in the building that have filed a complaint. Most of the tenants in the building were also suspicious of the water bill they get. The officer said he already brought the complains to the accountant's attention. Hopefully on our next bill, she will become transparent. Or else, they will lose good tenants.

We don't want to move because long distance moving is a real hassle. Besides, the building is near my work place and I pretty much like it here. I just hope we don't end up moving to a different apartment.

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