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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I don't deserve a failing scorecard

I was very disappointed with my new supervisor lately. The last time I checked my scorecard at work, I discovered I failed my metrics this month. Although she told me that it wasn't the final grade yet, I am still worried because I never really wanted to fail! I put enough effort in my job and I know I did well this month and definitely don't deserve the scorecard that she showed me.

I was told that the correct scorecard should be due next week. I hope she'll show me an accurate scorecard. I understand that she's a newbie as a supervisor and she handled our team in just 3 weeks. If only I don't hear her complain about her tasks and that she give us correct updates about our metrics, I wouldn't be pissed like this. It's not only me who's complaining about the scorecard, almost all of us in the team do.

I just hope this anguish about the scorecard won't get any worse. Our team have been through a lot these past 2 months. I just don't think we deserve this. I am expecting good results since I'm aiming for career advancement. How will I get that if I'm not given the grades that I deserve? I do my job well and I don't deserve a failing scorecard!


Bill said...

If she is doing everybody wrong maybe you should report her to her supervisor. Hopefully she will give you good report on your next card .

Joops said...


dropped ec and followed u as well.. hope u can do the same..

Erik said...

Here's to never having a scorecard again!