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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Times Like This...

It has been a long day today. I am so tired. Michelle, Czarina and I, along with Michelle's two other friends went to ABS-CBN Foundation this morning to volunteer in packing food for the victims of the disastrous typhoon "Ondoy". We also brought with us some clothes for donation.

Let me just give you guys some quick update about the recent calamity here in Metro Manila. Some fellow countrymen were rescued from their rooftops just today. They starved since Saturday. In some places, the flood had ceased but all left of the people were houses full of mud and worst, lost loved ones. It's not only the poor people have become victims of this tragedy. Even the rich who live in grandiose houses were not exempted.

The government was not prepared for this. They fell really short with equipments this time since it's not only cities here in Metro Manila needed help but also some other provinces in Luzon.

Private companies together with Non-Government Organizations have already given their share of goodwill. Ordinary citizens also donated clothes and money and volunteered to help.

In times like this, we all need each other. A little help will be much appreciated!


john said...

nobody was much as i can i wanted to understand the government because this is not the time for blaming each other however considering the budget that they had and GMA's promises and assurance in her SONA of disaster preparedness I think the government failed and was negligent on this one..

Bill said...

I am so sad to here about what happen over there Alley. We were watching it on ABS CBN here in the USA. I am glad to here that you are ok. I hope all of your family is ok also.

ally said...


You're right John... everyone need each other these days... another storm is coming. let's get ourselves prepared for it... take care!


Thank you my friend. another storm is on it's way... i hope we can get through to this.