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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Michelle and Jon, Engaged Finally!!!

My dear cousin Michelle of Mystique's Moments and her long time boyfriend Jon finally got engaged! Jon proposed on his birthday bash earlier this month. I wasn't there to witness it. Blame it to the bad weather that day! :)

Anyways, I'm happy for you my dear cuz! May God bless you and Jon! Love you!

Congratulations to both of you and for the upcoming wedding!!!


mystique said...

at long last!!! hahaha...thanks couz!!! muahugz ;-)

Karen said...

Oh, so sweet! I can hear the bells ringing.

NovaS said...


Papa Ces said...

While I don't know them personally, it's always great to see precious moments like this.

Congratulations to both of them! :)

Secondary Roads said...

What a beautiful couple. Rich blessings and best wishes to them with much happiness.

Lainybelle said...

Congratulations my beautiful cousin! I am so happy for you! Nothing could be so much happier than marrying your first and one true love!

Nothing but the best for you!



Sana ma-update nya na ang blog nya, Bang!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

wow! congratulations sa cousin nyo Ally! Sweet and awww! sarap! LOL They look great together! All the best to both of them! So when's their wedding?

ally said...

Sis, the wedding will be next year.. they don't have the exact plan yet... yeah, at long last, my pretty cuz is getting married.

princez_sarah said...

hi! kilig ko dah! :)