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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working on Weekends...

I'm still trying to get used to my new schedule at work. Instead of the 5 by 8 shift (that's 5 days, 8 hours), it's now 4 by 10(4 days, 10 hours). So I have to go to work 4 days in a row and get 3 days straight offs. I was scared at first when I was told about the new schedule because I worry about my health. I thought I might get too stressed out and might end up getting sick again. But on the first week, I'm kind of liking the schedule. I'm just lucky I got transferred to this account which is not too stressful compared to my previous account which was a technical account.

Anyways, today is the last day of my rest day. I'm getting ready to take a rest after a day of doing my laundry (which once again got my hands wounded). Michelle kept telling me to wear a pair of work gloves but I'm just too stubborn to do so. I just got used to doing my laundry with my bare hands! Or am I just being a masochist? Lol!

Time to get some rest guys! I'm working on weekends, just so you know... I hope you'd enjoy your weekend while I'm at work! Hah! I'm just being bitter! Take care y'all!!!

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