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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At Tarlac City

I'm in Tarlac City right now, at Lowela's hometown in San Clemente. I decided to go with her to chill since I haven't been out of town in a while. I have finally met Lowela's three lovely sisters and cute nephew and niece and her mom who hasn't been well because of a back injury.

The weather hasn't been nice since we came last night. Still raining cats and dogs here because the typhoon Pepeng hasn't left Luzon yet. He kept destroying crops and other livelihoods and towns in some provinces in Luzon. I hope he'd go away soon.

Tomorrow is gonna be Lowela's mom's 54th birthday. We actually went out to buy food from the market and I decided to just check my blog and do some updates. I apologize by the way for not being online more often lately. I just didn't have time.

I hope the rain will stop for once so that Lowela and I and the kids can do some stuffs outdoor today.

I've got to go now! We're going to the market! Just want to tell you all that I'm still alive and kicking ! Lol! Take care everyone!!!


""rare*jonRez"" said...

pictures naman dyan! i wanna see how your place of visitation looks like! :)

ingat Ally and have fun!

Bill said...

i hope all is going well with you my friend and the rain stops.