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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bon Voyage Willie!

Michelle's brother, Willie, left for Abu Dhabi this afternoon. He's going to work there as a security guard. It was hard for him to leave because he also leaves his family behind. He has to work for his wife and his cute little girl so he has to make some sacrifices.

Willie stayed in our place for few months when he worked on his papers to go abroad. He's actually my jogging buddy. Now I have to be by myself if Michelle don't want to jog on our rest days.

This was taken during Michelle's birthday bash at Jon's place
That's me, Michelle and Willie

We will miss Willie. I hope he'd be alright when he arrives in the foreign country.

Take care cuz! Bon Voyage!


nettagyrl said...

I've a surprise for you on my blog:

My Children N Me said...

Great family pics...

Regards,My Children N Me

ally said...


thanks! i'll check in out! take care!